What type of costume do you put on when going for swimming? In the past, ladies were dejected from bathing in the open and swimming because they didn't have attires that would be decent for that activity. As time went on; there was the need to come up with a costume that would enable ladies to enjoy swimming activities in different places such as the oceans and relax at the different beaches. The first swimming costume that was introduced was the loose ankle-length and full-sleeve gown that were made of flannel or wool. This attire was presentable regarding coverage of the body parts and modesty. Today the swimming costume that is used by many females is the bikini. 

A bikini is a swimsuit with two pieces that are the underwear and the bra top. The piece that is worn on the lower part of the body varies from a thong to a pelvic coverage. With the desire to create a more stylish and comfortable costume for the ladies to use when swimming, a number of designs of the bikini have been introduced. The main types of the bikini are the string bikinis, trikinis, tankinis, monokinis, camikinis, skirtini, granny bikini, bandeaukini, hikinis, minikinis, seekinis, miniminis, microkinis, thong bottoms, teardrops and tie-sides. Most of these women's swimwear come in two or three pieces and some like the seekinis are very transparent. 

Bikinis come in different sizes and shades to suit different ladies. Ladies have different body types and therefore many sizes and designs of the bikinis have been introduced. The athletic body, hourglass body, straight body, apple body and pear body are the different body types. 

If you have an hourglass body shape, then you are lucky because you can put on any type of bikini but if you have a straight body, make sure that you choose a bikini with tie-side bottom. The rectangular body type appears to be a little boyish; so if you have such a body type then use a bikini with ruffles and ties which will assist to create some extra curves. 

The different types of bikinis have greatly gained popularity in different sporting activities such as female volleyball and tennis. The official outfit for women who participate in the Olympic Beach Volleyball is the bikini having the names of the participants being written at the bottom. Men at times use the lower piece of the bikini to carry out different sporting activities like bodybuilding. Revealing clothes and striking bikinis are preferred in surfing activities, and they are robust and have more coverage when compared to the luxury bikinis used for sunning. 


Bikinis have greatly aided ladies and some men in sporting activities by making them very comfortable and free with the different designs and sizes.